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1.  How much productive time do you waste getting rid of email spam?
2.  Is your email virus protection updated every 10 minutes?

We can help... presenting   

  Perimeter Protection
No hardware or software to install at your office
           All email goes through our servers, first
           Protecting your email servers from attacks

  Redundant Server Set
At least 1 server will always be available for email
           Uses over 60 types of filtering techniques for spam
           Uses multiple anti-virus engines to protect you from malware

  Virus Scanning
3 anti-virus engines, updated every 10 minutes
           Plus a proprietary engine to block unknown viruses
           Viruses found are routed to quarantine for admin review

  Spam Trap
               Uses a leading blend of identifying techniques
           Updated 500 to 2500 times per day
           Spam is sent to quarantine for admin review

►  User Quarantine
           Can be reviewed or released by admin or selected users
           Held mail reports can be automatically sent to selected users
           Eliminates anxiety over false positives

►  Delivery Manager, Store & Forward Service
           Multiple servers with load balancing
           Email delivery fail-over support
           Emergency mail services

►  Safe & Reliable Delivery to Your Network

Starting at $35 per month for up to 10 users.
Act now before it's too late.

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