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Microsoft Exchange Server 
Features and Benefits

Auto-Synchronization with Email Enabled Cell Phones
Email can be accessed from your desktop or your cell phone and it looks the same from either device.  Because you are accessing the same database with auto-synchronization, whatever email work you do on one device will automatically be synchronized with the other.

Outlook Web Access
Outlook Web Access is a Web browser based version of Outlook that will allow you to work with all your email, just as if you were at your desktop.  Now you can access your email, calendar, contacts, etc. any time, from any PC, from anywhere in the world, via a Web browser.

Inter-office Email

  • Centralized Address Lists:  All of your employees are automatically added to the “Global Address List” which is available to all users when addressing email.
  • Centralized Groups:  Groups of users can be created within Exchange Server and then appear in the “Global Address List” which is available to all users when addressing email.

Public Folders
Public Folders are centralized folders that can be accessed by all employees.  Access to these folders can be restricted (by user or group) to provide whatever level of security is needed.  Public Folders can contain any kind of information including Contact info (Name, address, phone, email, etc), Appointments (Calendars), Tasks, or Email.  Some examples of public folders include:

  • Contact information for your business partners (insurance company contacts, vendor contacts, etc.)
  • Calendars to schedule the use of shared resources like conference rooms.

Group Enabled Outlook Features
With Exchange Server, everything in Outlook becomes “group enabled”.  Your calendar, task list, Inbox, etc. can all be viewed or modified by other users.  Of course, you decide how much, if any, access you want to allow to your information.  Now any one can find out where you are and when you will be back just by checking your calendar.   

Meeting Planner
Exchange Server features a Meeting Planner that lets you select users for a meeting, checks each user's calendar to determine a free time, and then notifies each user and updates their calendars with the scheduled meeting.

Out of Office Assistant
Exchange Server provides a simple tool to notify others when you are out of the office.  Just go to the Out of Office Assistant, tell it you are out of the office, and type a message.  Whenever you receive email, the sender automatically receives an email back with your message.  If you will be gone for a long time, you can have your email forwarded to another user so nothing falls through the cracks. 

Exchange Server provides easier and more complete administration of email.  With standard POP3 email, everything is stored on each user’s individual PC.  With Exchange Server, all the data is stored in a database on the server.  There are many benefits to this:

  • All email, contacts, calendars, etc. are included in the nightly tape backup of the server.  When a PC "crashes", the email will not be lost because it is stored on the server.  When a server "crashes" the email can be restored from the tape backup along with all your other data.
  • When a user gets a new computer, there is no need to manually move the email and address lists from the old PC to the new PC.   With Exchange Server you just tell the new PC which mailbox you want to access on the server.

Why Outsource Exchange?

Safety. Security. Lower Costs.

Customers who outsource their Exchange solution enable IT staff to work on tasks more closely aligned with core business goals. Experience the added reliability, security and simplicity of an Outsourced Exchange Solution. 

  • Eliminate overhead of in-house Exchange expertise.
  • Allocate IT resources to revenue enhancing projects.
  • No need to hassle with licensing.
  • Receive quick customer service 24x7x365 from system experts.
  • Use a certified, professionally engineered Exchange environment.
  • Benefit from proven backup and recovery practices.

Why Host with us?


Customers who outsource their Exchange solution to us can administer their Exchange environment in minutes instead of hours with our innovative Shoreline™ management interface. In addition, SecureTide™ spam and virus protection is embedded for easy, effective inbound and outbound email security.

  • No binding financial agreements.
  • Unlimited Mailbox Storage
  • Outlook 2003; Outlook Web Access; Outlook Mobile Access; ActiveSync; Blackberry Enterprise Server and GoodLink are available.
  • Unicode support for multilingual needs.
  • Innovative Shoreline™ interface eliminates the difficulty of installing and maintaining Microsoft Exchange 2003.
  • Inbound and outbound email is protected with our popular managed security service, SecureTide™, which eliminates up 99% of unwanted email.

Certifications and Licensing:

  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA)
  • Includes Outlook 2003 server and client licensing

Infrastructure, operations, & BACKUP:

  • Proven Exchange environment with clustered and redundant architecture
  • Clustered and redundant architecture eliminates opportunity for single point of failure
  • Exchange hosting facilities are SAS 70 Audited
  • 99.9% service level agreement (SLA)
  • Parallel environment available for evaluation and testing
  • Microsoft certified staff onsite
  • Daily information storage backups
  • Deleted mailboxes stored for 30 days
  • Deleted items stored for 30 days – recoverable directly from Outlook

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